My Referral

  • My referral pathway

    My referral pathway

    What are the possible outcomes after my GP makes a referral? What are my next steps? Find out more here

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  • Referral support in Devon

    Referral support in Devon

    Find out more about the support provided with referrals in Devon

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  • Waiting times

    Waiting times

    A useful summary of current average waiting times for outpatient appointments and treatment at our local hospitals which may help you decide where you would prefer to be seen.

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  • Patient transport

    Patient transport

    Providing information about available transport options for patients living in the NEW Devon CCG and the South Devon & Torbay CCG area. Kernow CCG also have information relating to patient transport on their web site.

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  • Patient involvement & advice

    Patient involvement & advice

    Patient Advice & Complaints Teams, local services providing patients, carers, family members, the public and staff with help, advice and support with concerns or comments relating to NHS services in NEW Devon CCG, South Devon & Torbay CCG and Kernow CCG

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  • Commissioning Policies

    Commissioning Policies

    Within this section you will find information to help explain what commissioning policies are, and which policies we currently have active across Northern, Eastern, Western and Southern Devon

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  • Information about the NHS

    Information about the NHS

    Click here for more information on the NHS; guidance on the NHS Constitution and your rights, help with health costs and the importance of information governance within the NHS

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  • Are you In Shape for Surgery?

    Are you In Shape for Surgery?

    Click here for advice and guidance about preparing for surgery; making sure you're as healthy as possible so you are fit for your operation

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