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My referral pathway

Your referral pathway

At your GP, Dental or Optician's appointment, your clinician may discuss with you the possibility of referral on for a specialist opinion. This section explains this process, highlighting the different outcomes that could be the case following being referred.

Step 1

Your GP (or other healthcare professional) will discuss the available options with you; this may include referral for a specialist opinion.

Step 2 

If your healthcare professional decides to seek a specialist opinion, they will submit a referral for you electronically.

Step 3

Your referral will be reviewed to ensure all necessary information is included in the letter.

Your GP may decide to seek specialist opinion on your care for a number of reasons:
  • You may need specialist advice because the steps you and your GP have taken to manage your condition are no longer working
  • You may have treatment needs that exceed the experience of the person referring you and your GP might want to discuss potential options with a specialist
  • You may have complex health needs that require care at a specialist level
  • You may have problems that require a team approach i.e. your health needs encompass more than one specialty
  • You may need a test, procedure or service that is not carried out at your local practice
Possible outcomes following review

Please click on the sections below for more information on the possible outcomes following review of your referral letter.


Further review

Referral not needed at this time

More information about your local referral service
  • Click here to download a helpful national leaflet explaining the referral process. Please note that the process will differ locally.
  • For more information about Devon Referral Support Services, click here

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