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Referral support in Devon

Devon Referral Support Service (DRSS) works on behalf of all of the GP practices in Devon and East Cornwall as a referrals contact centre; supporting you to get the right advice, care or treatment in a timely manner, and we are very passionate about this! 

DRSS work closely with a wide range of people, groups and organisations within our local communities, and further afield, to provide you with the best possible service. Helping to shape local health services for the future. 

DRSS sits within NHS Devon CCG and provides services to 1.3 million people across NHS Devon CCG and the eastern locality of Kernow CCG. Follow the links to find out more about your local CCG, what a CCG is and how the NHS works.

Meet the team

There are current vacancies in the team for:

A day in the life of....

Rachel - Team Lead

“My name is Rachel and I work as a Team Lead at Devon Referral Support Service (DRSS). I joined in April 2010 as one of the first apprentices in NHS Devon CCG and became a patient choice facilitator after 3 months. Over the next few years I have gradually made my way around a variety of teams and learnt a huge amount of information about the referral management system. I must have spoken to thousands of patients through the years and I loved it.

In 2016 I was promoted to lead my own team and over the last 3 years I have moved around and managed a variety of teams and people. Being a Team Lead has greatly increased my confidence at work and as an individual. When I started as an apprentice I was quite timid and I would like to think that I am the opposite of timid now, thanks to all the opportunities I have been given here at DRSS.

Being a Team lead, you constantly have to think on your feet and I thrive on being busy and running the day to day operational side of the Team Lead role. The role is varied and I really enjoy getting involved in other projects to widen my knowledge and use this to help the people I manage and ultimately our patients.

There will always be difficult moments as a Team Lead, but we all pull together and support each other (work and home life!). You always have great support from management, so you are never alone in a situation, regardless of what it is.

Before my time in DRSS, I trained to be a Children’s Nurse and left before the end of my second year. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with friends and family, visiting new places and watching an unhealthy amount of Friends on TV!

If anyone is considering applying to be a Team Lead I would say go for it – it is amazing job and a great place to work.”

To apply for the current vacancy as a Team Lead please follow this link: Team Lead vacancy - NHS Jobs

The teams' key principles are:

  • Providing an excellent patient experience
  • GP led
  • Promote primary and secondary care clinical engagement
  • Right referral to right place with the minimum delay or inconvenience
  • Improve communication and feedback to promote best practice
  • Hold and disseminate information about services available
  • Real time data at practice level
  • Offer meaningful choice to patients
  • Capture patient experience feedback
  • Using the e-Referrals System (formerly Choose and Book) and pathways tools to support delivery