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Dupuytren's contracture

Dupuytren's contracture is when one or more of your fingers bend inwards towards your palm, and you cannot straighten the finger. It is sometimes called “Dupuytren's disease” as not everyone with this condition goes on to develop contactures. Sometimes, only one hand will be affected, but commonly, Dupuytren's affects both hands.

Dupuytren's contracture is not usually painful. The main problem that patients with this condition face is if one or more contractures develop, some people cannot use the affected fingers properly.

In many cases, the condition remains mild and does not require any further treatment, and does not interfere too much with the function of the hand. However, if your symptoms start becoming more severe, or you cannot function as you used to because of the condition, you will be referred to a specialist, who may recommend treatment.

The need for treatment can be reviewed from time to time, so if your condition has changed or worsened, you should arrange to see your GP.

Local commissioning policies are in place for this condition

Please be aware that there are local commissioning policies in place for this condition. This means that certain treatments may not be available to you on the NHS.

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