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Once TALKWORKS has received your referral through our online form or through you giving us a call, we will arrange an initial appointment, which will last between 40-50 minutes. We will talk about your difficulties and if you feel ready to make changes we can discuss the best approach and options most suitable for you.

We can offer you an initial appointment either face to face or over the telephone.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

We will look at options with you which are usually based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). CBT looks at the way that thoughts, feelings and behaviours interact, sometimes in a helpful, and sometimes in an unhelpful way.

As well as individual work, face to face or on the telephone, we also offer online CBT programmes which include Silvercloud - a flexible self-help and learning programme, and a range of courses to look at sleep and managing anxiety and low mood.

Our choice of help includes:

  • Working with you to identify the difficulties you are experiencing
  • Help you in deciding where to start
  • Recommending reading that would be helpful for you
  • Providing information about other local resources that might be helpful for you
  • Identifying thoughts and actions which may be unhelpful for you
  • Identifying strengths and support to draw on
  • Guidance in setting realistic goals and support in achieving them
  • Providing support through self-management programmes that have proven to be effective
  • Option to attend mood management groups or courses on topics such as sleep, low mood and anxiety
  • Group work and/or individual therapy
  • Counselling for depression (availability and waiting times vary) and mindfulness-based stress reduction courses

Sometimes people need a little extra help to make the changes they need.  We will discuss this together, following your initial sessions with us. You may be offered more involved therapy sessions of a longer duration. We will work closely with you to review your progress regularly and agree next steps.

Whatever treatment and therapy you need, we're here to help you live better and get more out of life.