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Why should I move when it hurts?

Getting started with exercise

It is ok to exercise when you have an ongoing pain problem. Knowing how to get started is what makes the difference from doing exercise that 'winds up your pain', and learning how to exercise at a level that is easily manageable and is working with your pain.

It is important that you stay healthy by doing exercise that you enjoy and that is in keeping with your values. Not everyone is naturally sporty and so we don't want you to feel that you have to go to they gym, or join an exercise class in order to improve your current exercise levels.

sometimes simple activities such as going for a walk with your dog, playing with your grandchildren, and pottering in the garden are good ways to get started. Once you start reconnecting with what is important to you, you will find that exercise becomes a means to continuing to do activities that you enjoy rather than doing exercise because you've been told it will be good for you.

Love activity, Hate exercise? | Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy | Published 5 July 2018

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