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Welcome to the My Pain section of My Health

Through simple narrative and informative video clips we want to help you to understand your pain and to offer information on ways for you to manage it.

We all experience pain from time to time and can usually manage it ourselves if it’s not too bad and doesn’t last too long.

Pain such as toothache or from a bruise, a broken bone or a cut can be quite severe, but as the tissues heal, it will resolve in a few days or weeks. This sort of pain can generally be managed with over the counter medication.

Sometimes pain can last longer and become chronic (long term- more than 6 months). This type of pain is more difficult to manage. Often the underlying condition which triggered the pain has resolved but the brain still feels the pain. Pain medication is less helpful in these cases.

When we're in pain, routine activities become challenging, we feel tired, anxious and low in mood; physical fitness is hard to maintain and other people just don't seem to ‘get it'.

With chronic pain, lifestyle changes can occur as we struggle to hold on to employment, relationships with family and friends may become strained; physical and emotional wellbeing are compromised.

Its easy to see why people with chronic pain resort to medication both non-prescription and prescription and of various strengths to try to get on top of their pain. But for chronic pain, current thinking is that medication, while it is useful in the short term, can lead to worsening pain and problems if used for long periods.

Understanding pain

If you would like to understand pain better there are some useful videos in this section. The videos are quite short and talk about pain, your body and what you can do about it.

Understanding pain with videos

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