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The use of the tools or apps presented in this library are not intended to be a substitute for a consultation with a healthcare professional. It is up to you to contact a healthcare professional if you are concerned about your health. 


£4.99 Per month

MyChoicePad helps people with learning disabilities communicate better. The iPad app has over 4,000 symbols and signs from the Makaton language. Use the app to build vocabulary and communicate feelings, choices and needs.

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My Health Guide

£12 per year

My Health Guide is an easy-to-use communication tool for adults with learning disabilities.

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NHS Acronym Buster


The NHS Acronym Buster gives you the definition over 500 commonly used acronyms in the NHS. 

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Find and connect with people with a similar health condition using HealthUnlocked.

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a-walk-through-dementia.PNG#asset:2236 A Walk Through Dementia

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